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What our clients say.

"Farley & Jones have supplied us with MHE & non-MHE operatives on 3 different shifts and I can confirm their service has generally been exceptionally good. We are a challenging client of theirs based on the fact our requirements are very short notice (sometimes the same day) but the calibre and suitability of candidates are great. As a result of their service we have gained full times operatives which we have taken on a permanent basis, comparing to other agencies I have used in the past Farley & Jones are a level above"

"We contacted Farley & Jones in need of their support within our operation. Billy & Tom came in straight away to discuss our needs. From that day our relationship has become transparent & very rewarding. They now have a presence on site which helps out operation daily. Everyone at Farley & Jones always do their best for us, they listen, they advise and the quality of staff are very good. Great company to work! "

James (Warehouse Operations Manager)

Food Catering Supplier

Lorna (Warehouse Shift Manager)

Car Part Supplier

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"Since the relationship between Suez Staff & Farley & Jones Staff (Rugby) began, it has been a productive & enjoyable time as I find that no matter what request I ask of them they always go out of their way to deliver what I have requested. Staffing wise they always seem to find the right person that fits the portfolio of what I require and the business requires. They are all model employees that their Management Team should be proud of."

"I have had the pleasure to work very closely with Farley & Jones to which I have became impressed with the professionalism & the dedication from every member of staff. Farley & Jones consistently ensured that the night shift was fully staffed with the adequate amount of staff as requested by myself & my colleagues every shift, ensuring all training and PPE requirements were fulfilled prior to the start of the shift. Whenever issues arose with agency members, they were always available to contact, at all times of the night to deal with concerns and ensure that a solution was provided in a timely fashion. Overall, the whole team are friendly and professional at all times"

Rachel (Night Shift Manager)

International Delivery Company 

Philip (AM Shift Manager)

Recycling & Recover Company

"I worked with Tom for a year when he was my primary point of contact for the supply of agency staff for my very large and active warehouse. I found Tom to be incredibly proactive; he didn't just wait to be asked to supply staff, he actively engaged with me and my team to ensure we could fill positions quickly and with no fuss/bother. Tom took the time to learn the roles we needed filling, understand the operation and he always accompanied new staff through the induction process to ensure a smooth introduction to their work. Moreover, I was always able to talk to Tom, we was no 9-5 operator, I could speak to him 24/7. This is very useful especially when our operation isn't a 9-5 operation either. Farley & Jones are professional & reliable."

Kevin (Warehouse Operations Manager)

Food Catering Supplier


  • We will provide exactly what you have asked for

  • You will get 100% honesty

  • There will be no late name changes

  • You will get the correct qualified staff to do the requested job

  • You will get a dedicated 24/7 service

  • Competitive pricing

  • We can facilitate inductions

  • All new starters are handled by a REP of F&J


  • All candidates are pre-screened over the telephone before being invited to a face to face interview

  • The face to face interview will take place to correctly ascertain skills, qualifications and experience of candidate

  • The candidate’s eligibility to work in the UK is checked

  • The candidate’s references will be provided if requested by the client

  • F&J will fully prepare all candidates for their roles and will provide them with PPE where needed

  • F&J will have regular communication with workers during their assignment

  • F&J will be on hand, where needed, to provide a HR service for its candidates

  • Candidate’s will complete a skills test relevant to their role

  • Sector specific, or client bespoke testing, will be carried out upon request

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